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The Historical Picture Archive

Formally known as The Irish Historical Picture Company and Irish Heritage Giftware. The archive is a unique collection of old photographs of Ireland, The UK, Western Europe, and beyond.

Old photographs

These vintage photographic images are available as pictures or in sets of placemats and coasters.
As pictures, these photographs are obtainable as prints, mounted or framed pictures, individually or as part of a collage / combination picture. Availability and Cost of Digital images to be determined as per proposed usage.

The Placemats or tablemat range of c 1,500 sets, is the largest world wide, and all created from old photographs. Our extensive contacts with photographic libraries and private collectors, enable us to source photographs of almost anywhere with a historical background. What we do not have today, we can usually obtain “tomorrow”. Please ask..

For further information, please see the ” about us ” or contact us directly 24/7.


Pictures are available as single prints (120 gram paper), digital images (300dpi), mounted (ivory) and backed (ready for framing) or framed (selection of mountings)

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Placemat & Coaster Sets

We offer a selection of over 1,300 different placemat & coaster sets, available in standard or US sizes.

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Combination Pictures

Combine multiple images, available in multiple sizes & frame types. Acrylic Glass used for internationally shipped orders.

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